How to Buy Cheap Land in California

Anyone who has searched for cheap land in California has probably noticed it’s not a cheap place to buy land.  Land prices in the state of California are among the most expensive in the country making it difficult for anyone on a limited budget to own land in California. With that being said there are still some great deals available for those that are willing to put in the time an effort necessary to find them selves an affordable piece of quality land.

It’s important to remember in your search for cheap California land not to compromise quality. Make sure that you research the property and ask the right questions in order to insure that the land is not only cheap land but quality land. Here is a list of some of the basics things you want to know before your determine if that cheap land for sale is quality land for sale:

- Does the land for sale have title that is clean and clear of any back dues, back taxes, liens, easements, or encumbrances as these can carry over to you and may inhibit you from gaining title to the property or selling the property in the future.

-Does the property have physical road access?

Just because there is an easement or legally recorded  road access to the property that does not guarantee that you can physically get to your land.  Some roads are in disrepair, haven’t been maintained, or simply no longer exist and maybe never did.

-Can you build on the property and are there time limits on building?

If your plans are to build at some point on your property then make sure that you can do so legally. Some of the  cheap land that you will find for sale has been condemeed by the county and can’t legally be built on. Make sure that the property can be built on and check with the county to find out what kind of building restrictions exist and what is required to receive a building permit.  If you plan holding on to the property and building in the future make sure there are no time limits on building that will stop you from doing so.

- Find out what kind of utilities exist on the land and what it will cost to develop the property if you decide to build.  If you are looking for cheap acreage in California you will find that most of the cheap land for sale exists in rural areas where there is limited access to utilities. Many of these properties will require that you install a well and septic  and extend power, or install off-grid power generation. It’s important to research these costs in advance and to determine if a more expensive property is actually a better value if some or all of these utilities already exist on that property.

These are just a few basic things to consider when looking to buy cheap land in California. One of the biggest things remember is do all your research in advance and make sure to ask the right questions. There are plenty of  great deals to be found on cheap California land, just make sure that what you’re buying is quality land that is well-suited for what you’re looking to do with the property.

Here is a link to some Cheap Land for sale in California for Sale.